Serving Guatemala Fundraiser

This coming February 14th-21st 2014, we will be traveling to Guatemala to serve a local community in Puerto Barrios with a team of volunteers, friends, doctors and dentists. We will be using our talents and experience to help serve those that are less fortunate and have so many needs in their lives. While we’re down there, we will be providing medical, dental, and vision services in areas with limited availability to quality health care. Donations of supplies, equipment and medications will be provided for improved medical assessments and treatment. We will also be providing facility improvements to the schools and clinics by making them safer, more energy efficient and allowing better utilization of their spaces. Past projects have included electrical upgrades, installation of energy efficient lighting, construction of class rooms, storage areas, book shelves, safety enhancements, painting, playgrounds, and many other improvements.

100% of all proceeds from putt-putt and silent auction will be donated towards the cause.